why your business needs regular blog posts
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Why your website needs regular blog posts

As a small business owner you’re probably wondering why blog posts are essential for your online presence and this blog post was made just for you. If you’re new to digital marketing, this post will help you understand why regular blog posts are essential for your small business and how it benefits your marketing efforts online.


Help drive traffic to your website

While your blog is a way to communicate with your target market, the content should be used wisely and serve more than one purpose. By sharing the content on social media for example, you can drive traffic to your website to encourage sales and engagement. Your website is more than a pretty ‘nice to have’, you should be using your website as a marketing tool.

If you haven’t done so already, 2020 is the year for great beginnings. If you don’t have a website, creating one is the first step towards catapulting your digital marketing journey. Be sure to use a qualified website developer to build you a gorgeous yet functional website that can be optimized for search engines and search users alike.



Contribute positively to your SEO

Regular blog posts ad valuable SEO value as regular content keeps you in good stead with Google. Search engines are always looking for relevant and current content. Fresh content goes beyond writing a post every week, you have to write with intent, using keywords and keyword phrases that are going to encourage your consumer to interact with you and to encourage search engines to rank you for relevant keywords.



Create solid opportunities for sharing

One of the biggest advantages of posting content regularly is giving consumers the opportunity to share your content. Search engines and social media platforms are in favour of consumers sharing content that they find useful and informative.

By creating interesting content that is shared, you increase your traffic as users share, retweet and repost on social media. This form of free marketing is priceless.



Create value for potential and current customers

Add value to your customers life by deviating from pushy sales posts to interesting stories and problem solving blog posts. Creating content shouldn’t be solely focused on sales pitches, if you provide value for your customer you can increase engagement and create brand awareness.

Creating content without thinking about adding value to your customer is pointless. By creating regular blog posts, you’re giving your customer something for free to create trust in your brand. Create informative blog posts related to your industry including checklists and helpful DIY posts.


Stay ahead of your competition

A business with an active blog is more likely to convert customers landing on their website. Marketing studies indicate that users are encouraged to buy from businesses with current and interesting blogs. A business with a steady blog is seen as reliable and also creates value for clients by answering questions about products and services.


We’ve seen our clients reap the benefits of regular blog posts and we know it works. As the content is seen and shared online, you’ll see an increase in traffic to your website and an increase in engagement which leads to an increase in sales.

Our content team writes blog posts for clients across multiple industries, we cater our content to your business and all our content is original and affordable packages are available. Contact us today for our rates and to discuss your individual requirements for your business.

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