Freelance fundi

Freelance fundi

Your partner in affordable and reliable freelance services

How does Freelance Fundi work with other service providers?

Freelance Fundi regularly works with other services providers across South Africa and Internationally including Digital Marketing Agencies, Website Developers and Social Media Marketing Agencies to Magazine publishers.

How does it work?

Freelance Fundi is often approached by fellow service providers to assist with various work loads. Whether it’s an unexpected project or regular projects per month that require a little bit of expert assistance; we’re here to help you. Many hands make light work and Freelance Fundi is here to help your business.

Do you have a steady flow of work, but not enough to employ a person full time? Contact Freelance Fundi.

Have a client who needs extra hours for a launch or new concept? Contact Freelance Fundi.

Need regular blog posts but have no time to write them? Contact Freelance Fundi.

Does Freelance Fundi need to be credited for their work?

As long as you’re paying us…we don’t need the credit. Copy written for your company does not need to be credited to Freelance Fundi. We have mastered the art of ghost writing and we make adaptations to our copy for tone and industry. Rest assured that your website copy, blog posts, social media captions and magazine articles are in good hands.

Contact us today for our rates.

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