Blog Writing Services

Interesting Fact: Companies who have active blogs have more website visitors, more inbound links and more indexed pages with Google. Blogging improves your SEO and increases your organic traffic.

An updated blog with relevant content sends Google signals that you’re in the game. Make sure that your content is high quality, not spammy or stuffed with keywords. While ranking for keywords is the point, keyword stuffing is not.

As you work on your topics and create content that attracts attention, your content will be shared on social media, keep in mind that Google considers these social signals as a ranking factor.

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Reliable blog writing services

Freelance Fundi provides you with reliable blog writing services for various lifestyle topics such as fitness, pregnancy, parenting and across industries such as cleaning services, eco-friendly products, home finance and office supplies to name a few.

Blogging gives your website personality and cements you as an industry leader as consumers read relevant content they’re likely to trust you more versus a website with no blog or an outdated blog.

Why should I have a business blog?

  • Having a blog with updated content means that you can promote your own content on social media and direct traffic back to your site instead of sharing outside content.
  • Your blog can become a source of authority and reliable information for your niche. Visitors to your website will rely on your blog for regular content and over time visitors turn into leads or referral sources.
  • You can promote the benefits of your product or service in an indirect way. Many consumers prefer to do their own research and make their own choices about a brand instead of being sold to directly. Informative blog posts with subtle CTA’s (Call-to-actions) are a great alternative to direct sales.
  • A blog gives you a direct channel to communicate with your clients and potential clients. Comments and feedback on your posts can provide unique insights into your consumer base.

We love working with small businesses

We provide reliable blog writing services with no hidden fees. All topics are researched thoroughly and no duplicated content is provided, we frown on duplicated content just like Google does. Chat to us today about providing blog content for your business website. We love working with small businesses and can work around various budgets.